Event Management

Inventum Global event specialists are proud to transform your event into an extraordinary sensory experience. Inventum Global designs and produces innovative, unique event experiences with you. We prepare, for the participants, the most memorable moments of their lives. 

Space Designs 

We help you determine the ideal theme for your event and convey your message with unique and innovative touches. If you want your event to touch your guests' emotions, you can do it with Inventum Global's decor and thematic design guidance. 

Catering Management

Taste and Presentation. It can make your event experience better by carrying it one step further than the others. We are with you to design excellent menus, organize presentations and manage the unexpected changes in attendance.

Innovative Technical Solutions

Inventum Global has the sources that can motivate the senses of guests by using the specially produced scenes and sounds, from highlighting a dinner with an innovative illumination to presenting a dynamic and brave stage design for a general session. It can develop illumination, sound and imaging solutions to provide the desired environment for you. It prepares presentations for alternative concepts and technologies and budgets them. Our Event Production department undertakes the entire production of the organizations. 

Thematic Design and Entertainment Service

We form the theme that supports your message and set up all the details that will complete this theme from successful artists to the best comedians and musicians, from the motivational speakers to the people and the artists suitable for your sector and we can arrange perfect entertainment for you.