A luxury wedding? or a beach wedding? or big fat Indian wedding? Maybe a unique wedding... A wedding in a luxury hotel on the beaches, or a wedding in a picturesque palace, perhaps in a unique spot as per your plans and desires... A wedding by Inventum Global that will not be forgotten.

We are ready to work with you in organizing this special day in all its components. For wedding organization in our destinations. Our team, that is ready to answer any of your questions while choosing the right space depending on how many guests will be invited and how much time you have, is at your side to help you about the perfect location, date and wedding planning.

As Inventum Global team, the uniquie areas, plan the wedding and event concepts together that are original with their location and set up and that your customers can tell and share and get excited about while experiencing it. With an innovative approach, we offer a wide range of space and event alternatives, where your customers will be able to express their lifestyle and their guests can turn that meeting into a unique experience. 

After you book your wedding space, we send you a plan with the checklist of the next steps and the necessary documentation. Our advisors make travel reservations for your guests as well. Our private wedding team works to organize everything for you. It does all kinds of planning for you with the related units in the facility. Flowers, cake, music ... and much more. Our event management is with you to ensure that everything is as you wish in the event areas. It always keeps you informed and answers your questions and meets your requests. We send you the final plans before your travel. We check all the documents you need. When you arrive, you find everything organized for you by our team.