The success of an organization
is the result of the common efforts of the individuals

Inventum Global offers services at international standards for unique travel experiences. Inventum Global generates innovative ideas that bring out the unique character of each project, from a consultative approach to a personalized service and manages its application. Our goal is to understand, explain the needs correctly, and to be able to offer an optimal solution every time. Keeping up with this means being innovative and managing the business based on the current trends and changes. Our team is focused on generating the "excellence" for our customers with the same perspective, enthusiasm, and sensitivity. 

Our goal is to generate unforgettable personalized experiences by understanding our clients' goals and corporate cultures correctly and by constantly running the communications network.

What can we do for you? 
Inventum Global is the biggest and the leading DMC of the Turkey.

Inventum Global, acting on behalf of reputable companies, institutions and individuals, organizes and presents high-quality meeting and event services. Inventum Global aims to enable the conceptual interaction of all the meetings, incentives, conferences, and events.  It is with you in every step of your travels, including the infrastructure, logistics, transfers, accommodation, and communication.  Our expert teams, our service network, work to generate unforgettable experiences and reach beyond your expectations.

Inventum Global aims to create unforgettable experiences and reach beyond your expectations with it's resourceful team and wide service network.