With our head office in Antalya and our office in Istanbul ,our teams in MICE Antalya, MICE Istanbul and MICE Turkey, the Inventum Global teams use the energy, productivity, and unique consultancy approaches in order to produce a real Inventum Global experience for your meetings, incentive travel programs, conference, congresses, activities or special events, from welcoming to closing ceremonies. Our team is able to provide the most accurate solutions with strong relationships and dominance in the sector. Tours and activities work to prepare a unique and special experiences for you and your group. You are in the right place for meetings, incentive trips,congressional conferences or events.

We are there in every moment of your organization.

At Inventum Global, we understand your goals well, and so we know how an event should be held in harmony with tour corporate culture. In line with your program goals, we bring you unforgettable events. 

Our professionally working staff is ready to help with the activity records and to meet any needs immediately.  At all points where your organization will be held, the people and institutions that will serve you are informed about your corporate culture and the purpose of your meeting. 
We believe in the importance of transparency for success. When you be a partner with us, we expect you to ensure that the strategic goals of your company, the components of your meeting that are managed by us, are involved in the promotional program, meeting and special activity and that the entire process is transparent.

One of the benefits of working with a brand with standards is that all employees are trained, assessed in the same way and the procedures, operational practices and process are operated in the same way everywhere. This means the same standard of service guarantee for all our customers at all our jobs.

Our team informs and guides you in determining the ideal space and location for your meeting program, and helps you to choose the ideal space. We find and offer the right space for you.

We design for you. We add value with innovative ideas. For a real Inventum Global experience, we form a communicative language together, and we prepare our programs with this common language and set up. We try to add different elements of enjoyment to the experiences of the participants. For you, we can design a catering plan that reflects your program theme or business message.

Our transfer management and our skills in programming their details work to ensure that transportation is as stress-free and comfortable as possible. Your meeting turns into a special pleasure with the activities specially prepared for you by the Inventum Global teams. 

Inventum Global organizes the programming and detailed coordination of every meeting and event with all their details. You feel that we are with you in every step of the way from beginning to end.